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You're at the Eternal Knights: Alpha Squad'homepage!

We are a PvE (Player Versus Environment) squad from the Eternal Knights guild on Star Wars: The Old Republic, an online MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Role Playing Game).

If you would like to join Eternal Knights, please follow this link...
...and contact one of the current members.

May the Force be with you...

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Alpha Squad News

Free To Play: Fall 2012

JMBownz, Jul 31, 12 10:07 PM.
    Fall, 2012, Star Wars: The Old Republic goes free-to-play worldwide! There will still be perks for paying memberships, but it is not required that an individual pay for his/her basic access.

Game Release!

JMBownz, Dec 21, 11 12:38 PM.
        As of December 20th, 2011, the game has been officially released and launched! Please note that in order to play the game you must select a payment category and provide your cedit/debit or Paypal information to SWTOR. The basic monthly payment option is $14.99 (USD).

Voice Chat

JMBownz, Dec 1, 11 6:25 PM.
        Unlike many members, we will not be using Venrilo voice chat until a much later date. Instead, we will be using Skype, a free video/audio chat service. Skype does not require a videocamera to audiochat; only a microphone is needed. If your PC has an internal microphone, no external device is needed. If you do not currently have a Skype account, please make one. Please make sure to share your Skype name with your squadmates.

Hush Lifted!

JMBownz, Nov 28, 11 5:53 PM.
        Upon being selected for BETA testing, users were forced to accept a Hush-Agreement, which stated that they could not release any information about their experience in-game. As of last testing period, however, the Hush-Agreement was lifted, allowing all testers to give full walkthroughs and release all information about their experience!

Login Notice

JMBownz, Nov 10, 11 4:11 PM.
        Whenever you log in, please open the "Chat" window and check the forums to make sure you are up-to-date with all new information and important notices. You should also check the calendar frequently to make sure you are aware of any important dates or events.
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